How to update your product information

How to add a product

First, please navigate to Easy Sites and log in with your username and password; if you have mislaid this information, follow our tutorial on resetting your Easy Sites password or getting in touch with Easy Domains; we'll be more than happy to help.

Step 1

After successfully logging in, please select to edit any website you hold with Easy Domains.

Step 2

You will be redirected to the default "Pages" screen. Please hover your cursor over the STORE icon and click it to open the product screen.

Step 3

Locate the product you wish to edit and click the cog on the righthand side, then click Edit Product from the dropdown box.

Step 4

Update your product, this can be price, image, description, whatever edit is required.

Step 5

Lastly, click Update Product on the bottom of the screen.


Your product changes have now been updated.

Video Tutorial

Need help?

If you have any problems following this guide or wish to speak to us about adding a product to your Easy Shop, please contact our team here.