Understanding Shop Settings

Accessing Shop Settings

To access your shop settings, click on the "Products" tab, followed by the "Settings" button you see here:

Here you can see your shop settings:

Now let's breakdown what each setting does:

What It All Means

Paypal Address: The email address that is linked to your PayPal account in order to receive payment from your website's shop.

Minimum Order Price: Set a minimum order price before customers are allowed to checkout.

Display VAT Breakdown: When checked, products will display how the VAT is calaculated and include in the total price.

Modify Product Prices By Percentage: Enter a value you wish to update your product prices by (in %).

Action: Increases or Decreases by inputted percentage value.

Round Value: Rounds product prices up or down after modifying by percentage.

Delivery Type: Set a delivery type.

Delivery Price: Set a delivery price, relevant to the delivery type.

Default: Sets selected delivery type as default upon checkout.

Need Help?

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