What Is An NS Record

In this guide we will help you to understand what exactly an "NS Record" is.

For more information on how to manage your DNS settings, please see our article on "How To Change DNS Settings."

What's An NS Record?

An NS record is a way to delegate particular subdomains of your main domain address to a series of name servers. Your hosting provider can do this for you. When you delegate a domain to your provider, the TLD authorities create NS records for your domain in the TLF name servers, which in turn send them to your main domain provider. 

This means you can have multiple domain names delegated to particular name servers, depending on how your domain name ends. For example, you may have several subdomains in any one server if your address ends in ".com" or ".co.uk". Your hosting provider will publish an NS record with the relevant name servers for every domain they are responsible for, including yours. 

You can see which NS records your domains belong to in the System Records section on your domain's management page. Most providers will place your domain name into one of their default name servers, depending on the ending of your domain name. If they have vanity name servers, your domain may also be placed into that NS record. 

The domain management section also allows you to delegate a certain domain name to a separate DNS provider if you choose to do so. Given that your domain provider is the one managing your NS records, you won't be allowed to change the NS records since they are the sole purview of your provider.


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